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What is Pepe Chain

With lightning-fast transaction speeds and unparalleled scalability, Pepe Chain empowers seamless integration of decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts.

Built on a robust consensus mechanism, our project ensures enhanced security and immutability, safeguarding users’ assets. Embracing interoperability, Pepe Chain enables seamless communication with other blockchains, fostering a connected and inclusive blockchain ecosystem.

Join us in shaping the future of decentralized finance and ushering in a new era of blockchain innovation with Pepe chain.

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Project Features

Layer 2 Blockchain


Cheap and fast


Chain ID: 411



Symbol: PEPE


Smart Design

$PC and $PEPE are the two paramount tokens in the PepeChain ecosystem. $PC will be the governance token of PepeChain and $PEPE will be used for gas fees.

The contract was designed in order to be self-sustaining and to be scalable and expandable.

Total Supply: 420.69T

Tax: 2/2


Learn about the growth process

Phase 1: Foundation and Development

– Establish the core team and infrastructure for Pepe Chain.

– Conduct comprehensive research and development to build a solid foundation for the project.

– Define the architecture, consensus mechanism, and tokenomics of the Pepe Chain.

– Develop the core features, including transaction processing, smart contract functionality, and initial security measures.

Phase 2: Testnet and Community Engagement

– Launch the Pepe Chain testnet for developers and enthusiasts to explore and provide feedback.

– Encourage community participation and engagement through bug bounties and incentivized testing programs.

– Continuously refine and optimize the network based on the feedback received.

– Collaborate with DApp developers to onboard them onto the Pepe Chain.

Phase 3: Mainnet Launch and Initial Adoption

– Prepare for the official launch of the Pepe Chain mainnet with a stable and secure blockchain.

– Enable native token transfers and initiate the token distribution process.
– Attract and onboard initial projects and partners to showcase the potential of Pepe Chain.

– Foster developer adoption by providing comprehensive documentation, developer tools, and support.

Phase 4: Ecosystem Expansion

– Expand the Pepe Chain ecosystem by partnering with leading blockchain projects, exchanges, and service providers.

– Support cross-chain interoperability to enable seamless communication and value transfer between different blockchains.
– Encourage the development of diverse DApps and smart contracts on the Pepe Chain.

– Continuously improve scalability, security, and governance mechanisms based on real-world usage and feedback.

Phase 5: Global Adoption and Long-Term Growth (Ongoing)

– Drive widespread adoption of Pepe Chain across various industries and sectors.

– Foster strategic collaborations with enterprises and institutions to integrate blockchain technology into their operations.

– Continuously enhance the network’s performance, scalability, and security through regular updates and upgrades.

– Actively engage with the community, hosting events, hackathons, and educational programs to promote blockchain awareness and knowledge.

Note: The duration of each phase and the specific milestones may vary based on the project’s complexity and external factors. It’s essential to adapt the roadmap to real-world circumstances while maintaining the project’s core vision and goals.

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